Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Uncle Aldie,
How are you?
I am writing from UnNamed Country in Asia (U.N.C.I.A) . I am here at the request of my Donor Country which is not really anywhere near Canada, but the sun does shine a lot. The flight here was only 9 hours, instead of 24 to Nairobi which was a pleasant change. Dad is so proud I am following in your footsteps, first working for a HRI affiliate and now as a less than reasonably paid junior consultant. (L.T.R.P.J.C.)

Being a consultant is turning out to be like working for a HRI affiliate but there are no interns to assist with the spreadsheets and no one else to (blame) suggest may have done their role to a better standard when things go wrong. now I am that person for my Reasonably Paid Senior Consultant.

Within two days of arriving in-country the R.P.S.C contracted an exotic disease and insisted our driver rush her immediately to the nearest international hospital. I saw her updating her face book status on the way to the car, so she must of been really sick.

This all means I am in the field evaluating a program without a driver , also without a translator and with no senior consultant. ( I don't mind the last part, to be honest with you).

I am not as fluent in this language as the other three that Dad insisted I learn (to follow in your footsteps!) so I must of misunderstood the community leader asssigned to take us to the program when he introduced me as his second wife and had booked accommodation in a shared villa rather than alone or with our female local aid worker as I had asked. I am sure there was also a reason he was walking around the house with no shirt on in the evening despite the stares of our local (very religious) aid worker.

Anyway Uncle Aldie, that's about it from me for now, except to say I hope we get our driver back soon. I have been keeping up with the S.C. return to health by her facebook updates every two hours and her blog every day.

Oh, one more thing Uncle Aldie. to post you this letter meant passing additional security questions and maybe many people trying to contact you in your retirement this way have not been able to get through.
I know you are busy in retirement and playing golf, but it would make me very happy if you would share some of your wisdom again.



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